Smart Tennis Club

Innovative tennis coach in Kyiv, Ukraine. Training, biomechanics, and data analytics combined.

Improving your strikes and movement

Grip, swing, strike, footwork. Court movement and how to “read” the ball. Topspin, slices, and drop-shots. Volleys and serving. Physical training for higher endurance and speed on court.

Price – 300 UAH per training session (2 700 UAH for 10 sessions set)

Technologies and deep analytics in tennis 

Personal training and customized report with progress monitoring. Tracking strikes consistency, swing speed, and ball spin. To gather and analyze the data we use racket sensors, wristbands, speed radars, and slow motion videos.

Price – 500 UAH per training session (4 500 UAH for 10 sessions set)

Preparation for tournaments

Strikes consistency, opponent’s style analysis, and match strategy. Mental training and high-intensity fitness for stable game under pressure. Learning important game combinations and crucial winning factors.

Price – 250 UAH per 1 hour

Maximum utility

Group training: shots, court movement, stamina. Our special exercises give you unique opportunity to combine cardio workout and fitness as well as shots improvement (including serve and volley) and game combinations.

Price – 200 UAH per training session (1 800 UAH for 10 sessions set)    

All-inclusive training

Warm-up, striking, serve, volleys, court movement, game plan, and mentality. Endurance training and injuries prevention.

Customized reports

Personal training profile for tracking each session and delivering analytical reports. Progress monitoring and benchmarking.

Technology application

Racket sensors, speed radars, and video analytics supply us with enough data to build training process consistently.

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"I've chosen smart training after comparison with regular lessons. Technologies make it easier to find weaknesses and help to progress faster. I like reading reports from my coach after every session, I'm always excited to see future training plans as well as enjoy monitoring my overall progress: from swing speed and footwork quality to ball spin amount. Training sessions are always fun - especially the warm-up 🙂 Even working on my footwork is not boring at all!"
Trains for 11 months


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